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Promoting Awareness

The team behind the Las Vegas-based Independent Film Award Show the "Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards" (click to visit the site) have joined forces with the C.A.R.E. team (Robert being involved with both ventures), set up shop in New York City, and converted the Galaxy festival into an agent for change with the Central African Relief Effort as title sponsor.

Four Weeks - 40 Countries +

In just four weeks of open submissions, CARE International boasts film submissions from more than 40 Countries Worldwide and all Six Continents (no Antarctic submissions as of yet!). Just a few countries of origin for CARE films include France, Italy, Nigeria, Australia, Russia, India, Iran, Jordan, Japan, Argentina, Algeria, Greece, Turkey, and many more!

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Submit a film

Tempest-tossed refugees spend months licked by ocean waves and traversing foreign landscapes in search of a home, ethnic minorities are murdered and incarcerated by worldwide governments, sectarian conflicts embroil regions and promote wanton chaos, crime syndicates traffic humans as sex slaves and labor capital, the LGBTQ community continues to face discrimination from benighted lawmakers, and the fate of thousands of young American immigrants are at stake due to the repeal of DACA, while xenophobia, division, and race-motivated hate crimes become more violent and common as hate groups feel emboldened by nationalist and atavistic political rhetoric.

We live in turbulent times - many live in a state of uncertainty for their future. Now more than ever, the transformative and unifying power of art is paramount in the protection of those without a voice.

The C.A.R.E International Film Awards’ mission is to provide a platform for aspiring and established filmmakers that want to spread awareness and comment on the prevalent issues taking place in our modern restless world. It is a strong belief of ours that film is a dynamic medium for change, and the perspectives and worldviews they expose us to are even more necessary and urgent in these fearful and uncertain times. We aim to showcase a diverse selection of films that touch on many issues, both relevant in the United States and around the world, while challenging our preconceived notions and potential ignorance. Your film can be anything from a short film, music video, documentary, feature length film, or animation. If the themes in your work of art promote love, unity, peace, if your film specifically addresses a specific global cause or issue that needs attention, or if your film can be used as a vehicle for change or can unify audiences in tears and laughter, we ask that you submit to the CIFA.

In a world where political forces work to destroy and fragment, we look for artists who create and unite.

Regardless of whether or not your film is accepted into the festival, on request you will receive an in-depth adjudication of your film, detailing areas your film may have excelled in, as well as areas your film could use improvement. CIFA is highly interested not only in celebrating success, but also helping to build it, which is why we will spend the necessary time for every entrant to receive personalized feedback on their submissions. We hope to inspire participants to improve their craft, to reach new heights of success, and to break down walls with the force of filmmaking.

If your film is accepted into the festival, it will be projected onto a large screen in front of a 300+ seat auditorium in the beautiful SVA Theatre in Chelsea, New York City. All proceeds will go to the Central African Relief Effort.

Stephen Cappel
Central African Relief Effort
Board Member and Director of Media
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CARE International Film Awards proudly accepts entries via, a streamlined online submission platform. FilmFreeway offers free HD online screeners, unlimited video storage, digital press kits, and more. Click to submit with FilmFreeway.

Join the Fight

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