Domestic Operations

The Central African Relief Effort's US-based fundraising operation is the subject of the first series of photos in this gallery.

Organization HQ Exterior

May, 2017, Las Vegas, NV : photographed here is the humble US HQ of the Central African Relief Effort, located at 2350 S. Jones Blvd.

Organization HQ Interior

May, 2017, Las Vegas, NV : a portion of C.A.R.E.'s interior HQ is photographed here, featuring Office Manager; Darron Burrows and  Vice President / Director of Fundraising, Erick Rodriguez (obscured to left).

Organization HQ Interior

June, 2017, Las Vegas, NV : Ground effort strategic planning meeting, featuring Organization President / Director of Ground Operations; Robert Flummerfelt.

Ground Operations

The Central African Relief Effort's international ground campaigns are the subject of this series of photographs.

Kenyan Sunrise

July, 2017, Kajiado Province, Kenya : Wide open Sub-Saharan expanses welcome a 9 hour trek along the road between Nairobi and Mombasa.


Kenyan Villages

July, 2017, Mombasa Road, Taita-Taveta district, Kenya : Humble Kenyan villages outside Mombasa signal near-arrival at the Schoolhouse destination of the C.A.R.E. commission. 

Mombasa Schoolgirl

July, 2017, Mombasa, Kenya : a four month's supply of food (maizemeal for Ugali, cooking oil, rice) is met with pure joy and thanksgiving from a school population of 250 students living in desperate need. 

Group Photo

July, 2017, Mombasa, Kenya : C.A.R.E. President Robert Flummerfelt photographed alongside four month meal reserve given to the Mombasa school through generous contributions from our growing donor network.

Mombasa Schoolgirl

July, 2017, Mombasa, Kenya : students enjoy shiny new toys brought along with the food supply, featuring a perfectly in-character East African little girl (in the role of 'Construction Worker') and Organization President Robert Flummerfelt.

Mission Success

July, 2017, Mombasa, Kenya : Cries of thanks to heaven from teaching staff and warm giggles from the surrounding students acted as an ennobling and joyous "mission accomplished" stamp for the infant charity's maiden ground initiative.

Help us fight abject poverty

Our first ground mission in Kenya was accomplished, concept-to-execution, on a meager budget of under $10,000 USD. As our fundraising initiatives increase in scope and we grow our donor network, the degree of positive change that is achievable in combating extreme poverty is almost inconceivable. Please join the fight today - and become an instrumental part in saving a human life and reversing a dark reality.