Our Mission

The Central African Relief Effort's mission, as specified in our bylaws and approved by the Board of Directors, is to raise funds for the purpose of facilitating the delivery of life-saving resources and broad-scale development and support to individuals in Central Africa and surrounding regions.  

Track Record


In our first months six months of operation, the period of time in which most charities either dissolve or simply scrape by, we successfully planned, funded, and executed our first ground initiative in Mombasa, Kenya (click for more info), feeding a school of 250 children suffering from region-wide shortages resultant from drought and famine.

Against the backdrop of this rapid exponential windfall our organization confidently and tenaciously presses forward into our future initiatives, working expeditiously to accomplish our mission of supporting and developing Central Africa.

The Future

With our first mission in Kenya complete, the Central African Relief Effort turns its attention to the Democratic Republic Congo. The East Congo has been embroiled for the last decade in a protracted and violent conflagration that has killed in the millions (for more info, visit 'Crisis in the Congo').

Our organization will free Eastern Congolese slaves and save lives through relocation as part of our next ground initiative; Mission 'Maisha Mapya'. For more information, watch below.

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Join the Fight

1,479 Congolese will, on average, die today. The conflict in the Congo is manufactured and devastating, but its gruesome effects are reversible. Make a contribution or consider volunteering to help end this affront to human decency and save lives today.