Humble Beginnings

In December of 2016, at the end of an extensive period of research, 18-year-old Robert Flummerfelt filed with the Secretary of State's office in Nevada, marking the official birth of the Central African Relief Effort.

Robert, a high school student at the time, had owned and operated a small business for over a year at that point, making independent films and commercial advertisements for local businesses.

This experience in communicating with business professionals and managing a (albeit small) team of employees in day-to-day operations served to prepare Robert quite well for what lie ahead, as well as providing useful contacts in subsequent fundraising operations.

With a sorry admixture funds left over from his (now dissolved) previous business venture and a little bit of "birthday money" he had received as a gift from aunts and grandparents months prior, Robert signed a lease on a small office space, brought on the organization's first fundraising personnel, and intrepidly set out to make a difference on a continent far away from the team's small Las Vegas office.

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To say that fundraising for an infant (one month old) charity was a struggle would be an understatement. Robert teamed up with his high school best friend, Erick Rodriguez, an animated and charismatic personality with a talent for communication, and the duo set out to spread the word about their organization and raise funds for their first mission. Sleepless nights followed by early mornings, days filled with fruitless phone calls and failed appeals to previous connections were frustrating and discouraging. Tensions rose as the team seemingly wasted away in idle hopes that the entire venture not collapse prior to the (at least partial) actualization of its goals.

The duo managed to gain momentum yet. A string of speaking engagements in local churches, a surge of activity surrounding a number of the charity's online campaigns, and a sudden spike in interest in this bizarre Las Vegas high school duo who sought to support central Africans all culminated in a (long overdue) period of highly successful fundraising six months into the charity's lifespan (in May of 2017).

This success yielded to planning for the organization's first ground initiative. Robert's proficiency in conversational Swahili, coupled with a strong connection to UK-Based NGO 'The Mustard Seed Project" made Kenya, specifically Mombasa, a logical choice of location.

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Through this mission, initiated in the summer of 2017, C.A.R.E. fed a school of 250 students for four months, as well as providing new educational resources and toys.

Click here to read a detailed account of the Kenya mission.

This is how, in seven months' time, the Central African Relief Effort went from a deep-seated desire to effectuate change in the mind of one over-zealous 18-year-old, to a struggling calamity of a high school pet project teetering on the brink of collapse, to an agent of positive change and provider of life-saving resources to 250 hopeful and innocent Kenyan school children.

It is in the vein of this seven-month exponential windfall that we press on in our mission of saving lives, providing education, and ending conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa. Please visit "Our Mission" to learn more about what we plan for the organization's future and how we will leverage our exponential growth, and, above all else, please consider leaving a donation of any amount, to help us achieve the dream of a peaceful, stable, and well-educated Central Africa.

Visit "Gallery" for more photos of our Domestic and International operations.


Meet the Board of Directors

Erick Rodriguez

Vice President / Director of Fundraising

Robert Flummerfelt

President / Director of Ground Operations

Stephen Cappel

Board Member / Director of Media

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